Friday, August 19, 2011

Electric Ford Car 2013

As we have said on many occasions, the platform of electric 2011 cars is not more than a prelude to a massive production of this mobility which aims to use clean energy, and has large manufacturers in the world of the engine, taking as an example to Peugeot and a new electrical, with presentations developments and announcements of production.

On this occasion, the news has been given the signing of the blue oval, which has planned a mass of electrical production, which seeks to be above the 100,000 units annually by 2013, a figure which is not for less, as it would mean triple ensemble of electrical models.Models that would be affected to this increase are versions of the Ford transit connect, the power of the Ford focusEdition, and two new cars of the Ford c -Maxline, which would use hybrid engines, coupled with a new car which is not yet known nothing, not even the name that has been assigned.
Most of these models will acquire a public character at the end of this year, where will begin their mass marketing (in the case of the Focus, for example) or you can go reserving them prior to their sale.

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