Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buenos Aires: in search of a renewable and sustainable public transport.

The City of Buenos Aires is one of the largest Latin America and like so many others of them, starts showing the first signs of a sustainable public transport planning. In spite of the existing delay this same problem in Europe and elsewhere in the world, the capital of Argentina gives his first steps with the construction of Metrobus (a Bus rapid transit system) to be added to the previous programmes of buses hybrids, bicisendas and bike relay.

Buenos Aires City Government announced the construction of its first line of Metrobus, which will take a walk West across much of the Federal Capital. While the service will be provided by bus lines current (i.e. buses conventional), efficiency of this system will involve a reduction of the transit significant (50% less buses on the same route) thus saving fuel and greenhouse gas emissions.

While it starts up this project of Metrobus, it is already working for some months the first hybrid bus of the City and the production of new units that could begin to serve this year being taken forward.