Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Renewable Energy in Bridges

A new trend is the designing bridges that - in addition to serving as a communication between two places - generate energy from renewable sources. They are called bridges of power generation (energy generating bridges). There are solar energy, such as the Brisbane and also wind. No doubt they are the future in the field of bridges.

Building bridges capable of adding to the production of energy is without a doubt advantageous. Mainly because it involves a large cost saving and space savings. You have these bridges of power generation from renewable sources largely allows to minimize the loss of land involving other types of projects, that both structures are combined into a single.
The bridges are also excellent for the generation of renewable energy because of his height. Being located at one height greater, are usually exposed to winds which easily can be used to produce energy. They also receive a lot of sunlight.
Even though many of them are still a promise, it's worth taking a look at these innovative designs:
1 London

In this design of cherry chetwood, London Bridge not only generate renewable energy, but they also produce organic as a vertical farm food.
2 Seoul

The Bridge will be capable of generating electricity from the numerous photovoltaic solar panels installed on it. The electricity generated will be used for feeding of various facilities in the city and the bridge itself, such as a library, a Museum and a shopping center of IT. The bridge also has docks to act as a parking lot for boats.
3 Lisbon

This Bridge helps to generate wind energy through a network of 2,188 light panels that rotate with the wind. It will be built entirely in recycled steel and its design is based on a system of beams which helps to increase the speed of the wind on the bridge.

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