Saturday, August 13, 2011

Plate Solar Silicon In The Form of Swiss Cheese

Development of photovoltaic solar energy points in large part to the semiconductor material that is capable of converting solar radiation where the cells in thin plate are profiled as replacements to the current in electric power, and even more so the polymer solar cells, although there are also other malleable materials such as silicone, which continue to provide good results.

In this last variant, it is experimenting with modifying designs, because the physico-chemical properties vary according to the disposition of the molecules, and thus a greater conductivity can be gained in those who offer more free electrons.

Developed by the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, in conjunction with Swiss oerlikon Solar, is has recently proposed the creation of photovoltaic cells in thin plate using silicone not the distributing as regular, but rather seeks to imitate a honeycomb, or as they have called you, a Swiss cheese.

In this way insterticios are left between the material used, with a substrate derived from Zinc oxide, amorphous panels of lesser thickness, markedly favouring the conductivity and energy efficiency.

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