Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Power Hydraulics

Since very ancient times seen as mobility flows of water can be very useful in obtaining energy, to push the aspas mill, as he later obtain electricity through the movement of turbines in the so-called power plants, with wonderful construction of dams.

Named as Power hydraulics, and through physical concepts, is the transformation of Kinetic energy and the Energy potential are obtained from the current water or jumps of water either the accumulation of water by dams and the subsequent release of a minimal part, whose current makes move the turbines are directly connected to a generator of electric power.

The main advantage we must consider is that this is a clean energy, renewable, and that it does not generate a greater environmental impact, especially in those regions where orographic conditions are favourable to the construction of a dam, especially where there is a wealth of desniveles in the rivers or are usually frequent rains.

Economic benefits: although they require a high initial investment for the construction of dams, represent a long-term a considerable economic saving compared those power plants which operate by burning fossil fuels, which results in need of imports for its operation.

Dams have a lifespan that can reach up to 100 years, plus their maintenance is practically bajoNo require much staff employment as most of its operation is automatic and is given in the form naturalEn function does not produce carbon dioxide. Yes they do so at the time of its construction, although the amount is very low.

The main advantage, and one of the most criticised, is that if the measures are not taken, can be generated a strong destruction of aquatic ecosystems, something that is neglected to build them, especially design, resulting as a sort of trap for fish.Rivers, erosion caused because the outgoing water dams (which has served to move the turbines) does not contain sediments and thus mobilizes eroding the margins.The alteration of rivers caused by a bad creation of reservoirs can result in flooding in populations adjoining that could even make losing land fertile.
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