Thursday, August 11, 2011

Renewable Energy In The Dubai Plant

Without a doubt, one of the paradises in the world is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, headquarters of major sports competitions, and cradle of the great architectural wealth, cultural and economic sister of Barcelona and Granada, among other cities.

It is precisely in this metropolis of amazing constructions where planned a new renewable energy plant, designed by the architect Egyptian Karim Elnabawy, who mainly focused on the problem of the lack of water in the region.
Named as Metallica Towers, this energy plant uses a combination of methods of obtaining wind energy and solar energy, having as main characteristic two great towers are mounted on a metal surface circular.
A certain amount of wind turbines, which leverage the ascending hot air to generate electricity, being also surrounded by solar panels that also are installed in the surface where arise is concentrated among both towers.

Apart from this, the facades of the towers placed a large number of strands ranging obtaining this way wind energy.
At the moment single it is a conceptual, design although it would not be uncommon for not much time to begin the construction of this plant renewable energy.

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