Monday, August 1, 2011

Purifying Water With Solar Energy

In addition to requiring a very low maintenance, the benefits of using solar energy not only result in a lower CO2 emissions compared to electric power with the burning of fossil fuels, but it can also lead to a lot of uses.

Students at University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) have recently submitted a team Water Purifier that has been thought for those places where is no access to drinking water, especially in rural areas where even don't have access to the electricity grid.

This team is a relatively low cost and requires virtually no maintenance, which further facilitates the task using a derivation of thermal solar energy to make a double distillation of water, and can not only remove heavy metals and other toxic, but also the germs.

Basically, the water passes through a system of pipes which receives a double distillation, interacting with a fluid circuit that transmits the necessary heat and utilization of titanium dioxide to eliminate any trace of germs by a reaction catalytic.

This is added the inclusion of a polymer that allows the passage of ultraviolet light into the water, allowing the irradiation.

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