Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recycling By Pyrolysis

A week ago 9 bloggers: José David Ecoinvent, Antonio de Asturias green, Valentine of Cooliflower, Ignacio of biofuel, Juan and jumanji SolarCristina, Francisco de Xataca science and Foundation TerraJordi, we link to adventure to experience firsthand the recycling of packaging and manufacture of the paper.
To immerse ourselves in this world, we went to the paper company stora enso and Ecoembes in Barcelona and we know the factory, its working process and the recycling of the packaging of Tetra Pak.

We met there to learn the new system of recycling based on pyrolysis, a system that allows both use polyethylene as the aluminum and the role of the Tetra Pak packaging separately.
This means a revolution because previously they could only recycle together, thus not using all the materials.
This new system is able to separate from a polilaminado (plastic and aluminum) aluminum and the gas to be recycled. The gas is used to create steam and thus is used in the production of carton, while aluminium can return to be used for all kinds of applications.

In addition, plant generates electricity in the plant of congeneración (47MW) thus the factory autosatisface their needs by 20%.
To give you an idea of this factory production I leave some data:
They are 165,000 tons of recycled cardboard.60,000 Tons of used beverage cartonsare recycled.For each kilo of packaging recycling are obtained: 5.2 Kw/h, 25 grams of aluminum and 700 grams of fiber in paper.
This new system offers multiple benefits for the environment and the society.

In our hand is get keep recycling and we can enjoy a much healthier planet .
To give you an idea of the figures, which I am sure that you have participated, in 2010 was recycled in Spain through the yellow container 71,000 tonnes of cartons from Tetra Pak, that means more than half of packaging consumed in Spain.

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