Friday, July 29, 2011

Points Reload Pamplona

Electric cars They are emerging as the mobility of tomorrow, with a large number of models that are preparing to launch in the next year, and others who currently already are are marketed, taking that action be taken to encourage its use and adapt to this is when massive.

With regards to the Town Hall of Pamplona, has made known the news that are 100% operating the top of recharge of electric cars, what will be a completely free, running through the citizen card pilot test.
Consist of easily recognizable Blue poles and with a proper, signaling with a trap door in outlet unlocked with the simple step of the card, then connecting the car and manually closing the hatch to start reloading, then disconnect with another card step by the reader.
At the moment only installed five posts that this is a testing stage which then it will be way more amount of recharge points, analyzing not only the utility but use users give, ease the system, and of course is effectiveness.

Location of reloading checkpoints:
San Ignacio crossing with avenida Toulouse SernaNevas RoncesvallesBlas crossing with street BosquecilEsquiroz with calle Sancho ErmitagaƱa FuerteMercado

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