Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reverse osmosis

Among the various filters water that we find in the market, and that different providers offer us virtually every day, one of the most used uses physical and chemical phenomena to produce a separation of a liquid into two partsone of pure water and other water with a solute (which may be sugar, salt or other components)

This occurs through a process called inverse osmosis, as we sympathize with the osmosis as balance produced between hydrostatic pressure and the osmotic pressure which, without spending energy, balance the concentrations of the two types of water becoming the largest concentration of lower concentration.

If he is increasing the pressure on the side of greater concentration, can produce this phenomenon, making the water move from high concentration to a minor, freeing the salts that are present in the waterwith a semipermeable membrane.

This process is often used to desalinate sea water, pure water passes only through the membrane and the amount of salt is located on the other side.

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