Monday, July 25, 2011

The solar energy and the development of rural communities in India

The solar goes beyond of megaprojects, also offers the promise of decentralized supply, and therefore put the power of production in the hands of those who have traditionally been out of the equation. Because this is happening with solar in the India. Many rural communities in economic disadvantage are giving for ones with the power grid and turning toward the Sun as energysource.

The Mission Solar India is a very positive purpose to install 20 GW of solar energy in the next decade. And while there was some murmurs of discontent which claimed that the program was anti-pobres and anti-democratic, nowadays that is changing the lives of many people in rural areas.

There are those who believe that it could generate a technological and economic revolution not unlike what happened with the popularization of mobile phones, since people - tired of waiting years for a landline - turned en masse by the mobile. The time will show if indeed - hopefully, something similar happens with solar at India.

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