Sunday, July 24, 2011

The company ENEL energy promotes renewable energy

Of business of the   electricity generation we have seen with pleasure as different efforts (Governments, international agencies, companies, universities, NGOs) looking to pursue a sustainable production. In this opportunity we will focus on ENEL, one of the leading companies of this energy market.

ENEL is an Italian energy company, but which has now expanded in over 20 countries on different continents. Since the year 2008 has developed "Enel Green Power", whose sustainable production is based on the use of renewable energies: wind, hydraulic, solar and geothermal energy.In just two years has become one of the leading companies in the generation of energy Green.
Its production volume is nothing less than 17.2 M3 (terawatt per hour), which give energy to around six million and a half of families. Future of ENEL forecasts estimate that by 2030 could produce nearly 2400 GW (figure which duplicates the production volume of 2006).

As you know, every watt of green energy means not only prevent the depletion of fossil resources, but also a contribution to the conservation of the atmosphere. Alternative energies prevent large amounts of CO2 emission.As reported sources of ENEL signature, producing renewable energy prevents the release of some 13 million tonnes of CO2.
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