Friday, July 15, 2011

Solar energy | Thailand intends to double its target for 2022

Different countries around the world are joining the global race to develop plants of solar energy on a grand scale. The case of Thailand also part of this trend, with the ambitious goal of producing 500 MW of solar energy in 2022, which means 20% of its consumption of energĂ­a from sources renewable.

With the emergence of more investors interested in this first project, the Government is considering doubling the target for 1 GW.

At the time have already received requests for construction of 3.358 MW of solar projects, says twarath sutabutr, Assistant Director-general of the Department of development of alternative energy and energy efficiency (DEDE), part of the Energy Ministry, Thailand.

If it will finally be doubled or not the objective 2022 depends on the emergence of more investors, but it is clear that Thailand is set to be a major player in the emerging world of energy solar. Other countries would do well to take note.

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