Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UN | Energy efficiency programme for East Africa

In many underdeveloped Nations, always worrying factor is the energy supply. For the particular case of several countries in East Africa, the United Nations has created a new program to promote energy efficiency, particularly in large buildings in the cities that are the item with higher energy consumption in the region.

The programme is carried out by various agencies linked to the United Nations (UN-habitat, UNEP and GEF) and you will have an approximate budget of $2,853,000. The countries covered by this project are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. The planned measures include: awareness campaigns, fiscal and financial incentives and changes in regulations of construction of housing.

It is estimated that in these countries around 40% of domestic energy consumption is done in buildings in cities. This high proportion is on the other hand limitations in access to energy resources for items such as industry and transport, essential for economic development. The reason for the over-consumption is that the buildings are not designed properly for the climatic conditions of the region, cause that leads to waste much energy in lighting, ventilation and - mainly-refrigeration.