Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Solar Energy For Cooling Stations

The city of Phoenix, Arizona has become the first of the EE.UU. take advantage of solar energy to provide fresh air to passengers while waiting the train. In one of the stations of urban line, a fresh breeze of air cooled with energy from the Sun will come out with just one click.

In the city of Phoenix daytime temperatures may reach a few ardent 47 ° C. The cold air can reduce the temperature in the interior of the roof of steel and glass from the railway station at about 4 degrees, which is not much but helps to deal with the intense heat. The refrigerator will turn off after 15 minutes of performance to save energy.

This system would work during the day in the summer months, i.e. from May to September.
This development was taken over by the Mayor of the city, phil gordon, who brought the idea after a visit to Dubai and its metro. The company nrg energy agreed to finance this project for $300,000 and will also operate and maintain the system.

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