Monday, July 25, 2011

Solar Stop A Bus Stop Of The Future

Today we bring you another design that points to a future with sustainable and efficient urban spaces. This is the Solar Stop, a bus stop powered exclusively with solar, designed by industrial designer Jae Lee Pyung.

Solar Stop not only has the ability to generate solar energy with solar panels on its roof, but it also incorporates a large number of innovative but at the same time practical features. Its different elements include the lighting that contributes to public lighting, LED indicator, sterilizer of air, Wi-Fi zone, loading station for gadgets, touch sensitive screen, changer of notes of currency, and even a water machine.
The design is prepared so that everything fits on the site of a bus stop of normal dimensions. There will be also a zone of rest with banks and efficient lighting to use a reading while we await, and an area to wait standing if they so prefer. So in this bus stop of bus of the future we will be able receive information - for example - on the State of transit, and we can expect the most comfortable bus and taking advantage of our time conveniently.

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