Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aston Martin Cygnet

The market of vehicles is preparing to give a qualitative leap in the field of clean energy, with the presentation not only of a broad platform of electric cars, but also to the development of electric bikes, opening the way to what many manufacturers have planned for 2012, as a dramatic change in the mobility and autonomy.

On this occasion, we have encountered with the presentation of a car that in addition to being free of carbon dioxide emissions, it has been carried out by a prestigious firm specializing from the outset in the creation of luxury cars, and that is recognized worldwide for being the choice of Agent 007.

In this way we have before us the long-awaited aston martin cygnet, an electric car that has been announced years ago, and that approaching its release date we can see its final, as well as some light details about design of their benefits.

In principle, it would use a pack of Lithium Ion batteries that allow you, with a full load, a close to the 100 kmrange, considering that this Coupe will have performance of a sports car as the firm we are accustomed.

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