Thursday, December 29, 2011

A trip to the South Pole

This expedition was carried out by Acciona, the global leader in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure water.

This expedition has several goals in itself and one of them is to honor those who came first to the South Pole 100 years ago, two memorable in our history: Roald Amudnsen and Scott.

And not only homage, but it has a scientific purpose and that upon arrival at the South Pole there will be different science projects.

The scouts who are carrying out this action are Larramendi Ramon, Javier Selva, Juan Pablo Albar and Ignacio Oficialdegui aboard a sled that is only driven by the wind to come to an end.

This sled has a special feature is that you have a kite in front of it with the wind push the sled to reach the Pole, around about 3500 km road.

The only action taken by the wind, ie, renewable energy is marked by the symbolism Action Project, a better future by promoting renewable energy, a future based on respect for the planet and focusing on the environment.

If you want to know more about scientific projects to be carried out, the adventure of renewable energy driven by the hand or personal knowledge of the adventurers enter

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