Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fuel liquid electric cars

This is a year of transition to a broad platform of electric cars that will be released next year, according to various announcements and releases of major manufacturers in the world of the engine,
although they are also developing various candidates to replace oil, which can be combined with this form of mobility.

On this occasion, the news is that a new technology that would use fluid to recharge the batteries energy-feed the electric motors, which would have up to 10 times higher in comparison to other chemical batteryperformance is developing.

The application of these would be designed to replace the batteries of cars today, generally using Lithium Ion batteries, which would significantly increase their autonomy and would also facilitate their replacement, its size is naturally lower.

These batteries can be recharged through a process of emptying and filling, with subsequent collection of the electrolytes that are processed to be reusable, so it would be a practically inexhaustible source of resources.

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