Friday, December 9, 2011

Heating and cooling with solar energy food

From go travel, a good idea is to bring us a small hand bag to save some provisions, to eat during the journey or when we stop few minutes rest, although of course, may not be any "elaborate" meal or required to be served at a certain temperature.

Luckily many renewable energy makes this so that our trip does not oblige to deprive us of those meals both we like, with a design that although is just a concept, very good criticisms will oblige you a serial production.

Baptized as Sun Flower and carried out by the Croatian Designer Edita Barabas, is a small bag of meat where a small photovoltaic solar panel integrates with flower to recharge an internal battery which is electrically feed its core functionality: allows you to cool or heat the food by simply pressing a button.

This utility works in each compartment separately, when the device is completely closed, with a selector temperature and a small indicator screen.

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