Friday, December 2, 2011

Biomasud, development of biomass energy

Yesterday we present in Erenovable project HIBRELEC, carried out the CIEMAT. Now you want to comment on other associated project: BIOMASUD. The full title of this undertaking is "BIOMASUD: mechanisms of recovery and sustainability of solid biomass in the SUDOE space market".
The purpose of this undertaking is the final launch of biomass as a sustainable energy model.

Funding for the project are almost EUR 1 million, and have been provided by the programme of Territorial cooperation in the European southwest area (interreg iv-sudoe). Implementation of Biomasud will be held in different stages which searches for:

analyze the quality and sustainability of the use of solid biomass, particularly pellets and astillasestablecer parameters defining the qualities of of producto.potenciar the development of solid biomass according to the possibilities of each country in particular.aportar sustainability to energy model based on biomass.

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