Sunday, December 18, 2011

ConXBlock: Community living with private facilities

There are advantages of the community living. Security, economy of effort and costs and the feeling of belonging and harmony that brings a community is very special. At the same time, private life offers much needed isolation and independent lifestyle. What will it be like if you can get both in one place? That's the idea behind the concept of ConXBlock - separate blocks connected to each other!

Only homes require extensive infrastructure to a luxurious life. These costs can be economized when building a community. ConXBlock attempts to provide better privacy for members of their community. For starters, every house is an independent unit with its own courtyard that has become especially on the roof! The construction is solid and sturdy. Made with prefabricated steel.

At the same time, there are features that facilitate life for all. There are interconnected networks of solar panels that have been installed in every home. Used solar energy is available for common use. Ceilings have been equipped with rainwater collection techniques and again the water collects in a 'pool' of common!

ConXBlock by Steve Walker Studio
The entire construction with steel has already been done, you can use each surface of each home. From an external point of view, it may seem that the houses are small. But once inside, opens a haven of comfort! If you are thinking about a dream live, then ConXBlocks truly rock!

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