Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Germany to abandon the Nuclear energy

The nuclear disaster in the central Fukushima with its devastating results, at least we are leaving something important: the growing awareness of the urgent need to abandon nuclear energy.

And this awareness reached, fortunately, Germany, one of the most important economies of Europe. His coalition Government to decided to close all nuclear plants abroad for 2022.

Germany currently has a total of 17 nuclear power plants that generate about one quarter of total energy needs. Among them, there are seven reactors - the more old-already given low after safety inspections carried out after the disaster at Fukushima. The remaining will be deactivated in the next 11 years, advancing significantly the date before scheduled to its closure in 2034.

The generation of electricity that now perform the German nuclear power plants will be replaced by renewable energy sources: mainly energy wind, solar and hydro (which today produce about 17 percent of the electricity). It is expected that to achieve the year 2022 already are producing 50% of the energy needs of Germany.

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