Thursday, December 22, 2011

Low consumption appliances

Low consumption appliances are those which, to a certain task - consume the least amount of energy possible. Sometimes also used to refer to them otherwise is as efficient appliances, energy efficiency is not anything other than a higher performance with less energy expenditure.

The label energy is our best ally to recognize household appliances of low consumption. It's a warning that comes in the vast majority of household appliances, or at least those that require more energy :
refrigerators and freezers washer dryers, washer-dryers dishwashers domestic lamps electric furnace air conditioning.
The Energy label indicates how much these devices consume energy . The label shows the category of efficiency of the product in the following way:
The letter A is for teams more efficient (also indicated in green). These are the so-called low consumption appliances. Knowledge to the improvement of efficiency which implemented some brands are distinguished the low power consumption as A +, to ++ and to +++ (this being the best efficiency).
Then the level of efficiency goes down, passing through B, C, D, E, F and up the letter G used to less efficient teams (in this case using the color red). With the advance of the energy efficiency programs these past levels must go disappearing market, until that they are only released low consumption appliances.

Buying a low-power appliance is - clear is - the first step to saving energy and, consequently, a not inconsiderable amount of money on your electric bill. But to make it truly happen also we must use them correctly and be attentive to the basic Tips for saving energy.Here are some recommendations of the idea in this regard:

Do not buy appliances most large or more power than we need. Check the manufacturer's instructions must be staying and cleaning the apparatus to prolong his life and save more energy. Air conditioning should be located at 26 ° C in summer (not lower). Turn off completely teams with information at digital window or displays (televisions, audio, etc.) with when we are not using them. At the sites of the House where the light stays lit for more than one hour a day placed low consumption lamps or fluorescent tubes.

Apart from these fairly general tips, it is advisable address in detail the recommendations of energy saving for each type of electrical appliances in particular. So in Erenovable we have been preparing some special articles to guide you in this task. Here you will find a guide to saving energy in various situations:

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