Saturday, December 17, 2011

Surculus by Nick Squires: sprinkler life to your garden

Keeping and caring for a garden are a full time job. And above all, if one maintains a grass, should be very careful and irrigation times are very important. If the supplied water is lower, the grass is dry. If it is too much, there is no record of water which can lead to the destruction of root hairs. An intelligent and optimal, sprinkler is an ideal way to meet the water needs of grass and Surculus is better than possibly dreamed of at an economical price.

The Surculus is a sprinkler system of water that uses a Li-ion battery to power itself. This battery gets charged through solar energy and the best part is that the sprayer can be controlled remotely, wirelessly. The design of bulb is beautiful and elegant. It is simple and aesthetic. All necessary controls are placed at the top for easy access. The controls have also kept at a minimum, making it easy to handle and use the Surculus.
In the top right is a timer that you can define to distribute water to given intervals of time. It is knowledge of gardening that is the best time for water in 5 grass. Instead the lifting early, you can only set the timer and sleep peacefully. Controls at the top are protected by a cap twistable.

Right under controls, run by the Centre are two tubes. One of the tubes is home wiring and cabling as necessary to connect the battery with solar panel with the timer. Another tube is used to remove water to dispense. Depending on the measure that opens the tap, the force of the water is controlled is dispersed.
The Surculus is easy to move and place in different locations on the lawn. It has three peaks long act as legs. These ensure that it gets planted firmly on the lawn. The base of the inner body area has been designed with a height that did not come into contact with the grass where it is located. This ensures that there are no points dead on the grass where the base touched the turf.

It is solar energy, the sprinkler becomes another 'green' object in your garden. A project of the "design week", organized by the University of Derby, the Surculus was the son of the 2nd year students brain. Stands testimony to creative minds, working for a 'green' cause really can provoke wonderful transformations and change.

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