Saturday, December 31, 2011

Atmospheric Madrid pollution levels

Since the coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol, countries of the European Union, including Spain, made a lot of plans that seek to reduce the emission of gaseous pollutants, something that can be reduced to a level tiny if you take the necessary steps and be maintained this trend can be achieved to improve air quality significantly.

Regarding the city of Madrid, is placing emphasis on an innovative Surveillance network whose last regulatory and effectiveness was launched on November 11, 2009 although it is the fruit of decades of work and the combination with last generation technologies made available for the care of the environment.

One of the first signs of concern over pollution and the air monitoring was in 1968, where the air monitoring activities carried out and planned continuous analysis of the atmospheric conditions in the city of Madrid, despite the fact that technology that was not then so specific that they used samplers.
Ten years passed until settled completely a provision of sensors distributed throughout the city, which ran in joint automatically, creating a certain amount of fixed stations which remain until today, but with the necessary technological updates.

Adopted the directive on May 21, 2008, were established new patterns in the measurement of the air, a criterion of unification of measurements, to introduce the need to balance stations placed at sites with excessive traffic, and those that are more isolated.

Since then, the stations fixed updated constantly, to the level achieved today, where accessible public form to all the information regarding the air quality and the protection of the atmosphere, in addition to the different measurements that are published on a daily basis.

Madrid boasts the so-called Comprehensive air quality system, whose purpose is to advertise on a daily basis the levels of air pollution , according to the regulations in force, and seeks to have a constant update of a dedicated website, where can we find that listed below:

In each index referred to the major pollutants and indicates the different levels in the air.