Thursday, December 8, 2011

Garoña Nuclear

The ghost of what happened in the fukushima Central continues to cause havoc around the world, and the alarm broke out in each region where there is a nuclear reactor, taking as examples in Spain the numerous incidents of the Ascó Nuclear power plant, which has the watchful eyes of numerous activists and monitoring bodies.

Central Nuclear Garonya

On this occasion, the call to attention has been raised by Ecologists in action, but not referred to this plant, but the precarious situation facing Garoña Nuclear power plant (Burgos), also joined in an incident which forced them to put a stop unscheduled activities.

This has been motivated because of an incident produced on May 26, when performed manoeuvres of recharge, putting in place the turbines and noticing some abnormal and excessive vibration, encouraging emerging as desist implementation underway.

This flaw can lead to a rupture of the turbines affected, later producing a leak of radioactive steam, which by the disposition of this plant, can be quickly distributed not only by the building auxiliary, but also towards the environment.

The request is that this plant stops working until 2013, when the final cessation of its activities, had planned to avoid further incidents, or that some inevitable happen and endanger the security.

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