Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Honda Fit EV arrives in 2012

One more popularity has had in recent times in regards to ecological car companies is the Japanese signature Honda, who has raced span to span that has been the best selling hybrid car in recent times, the Toyota Prius, in a clear sign of rivalry in the Asian market.

Honda Fit EV 2012

As Toyota has decided to present a wide range of electric cars for the year 2012, the counterattack did not wait too long: Han elected their best-selling car, their "flagship" and adapt it to offer a model fully electric.

In this way, announced us before us the arrival of the Honda Fit EV, Variant that uses only an electric propeller and that will not have too many variations in regards to design, as reported in the last edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Their maximum speed would be about 150 kilometres per hour, while would have an autonomy of about 160 km with a full charge, and will feature two special finishes: Econ, intended to be a simple, cost-effective version and sport, which increases the speed and Acceleration (still not revealed who planned variants)


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