Friday, December 23, 2011

The Pitcher filter

Between the different types of water filters that we have analyzed many of these systems are attached directly to the tap, or used in the treatment of residual waters, although in recent years, and taking advantage of the principle of Activated carbon, has been the emergence of the so-called mugs with filter, which we will explain below.

These systems are completely external to the network of drinking water, and work not only as a simple jar for storing and cooling water, but that also notoriously improve you the taste, applying the above filter with Active coal system that is responsible for removing the chlorine present in the water due to the process of purification.

The main advantage is obviously that the installation of a device or modify the tap water is not necessary, and work practically in the same way, as well as generate economic savings for water free chlorine.

The disadvantage is that they require a periodic replacement of cartridge with activated charcoal, which tends to be in many cases exclusive to a given mark, and generate a spending of periodic money, taking into account that these spare parts are provided by the manufacturer.

Another of so many variables to get optimal quality water and without the need for profound changes in the home.

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