Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hydrogen from ethanol and solar energy

One of forms of energy more development is having in recent times is the energy of the hydrogen, applied mostly in the field of cars and other vehicles, and using concepts from other clean energy, as it is photosynthesis, which has been popularized in the field of thesolar.

Energia Solar

On this occasion, we have encountered with a technological breakthrough that was driven by students of the University of Catalonia, in conjunction with other researchers of the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) and the University of Auckland (New Zealand) which seeks to harness this energy source more efficiently.

To get electricity through this raw, it is a huge amount of energy required (to produce the chemical reaction) and so they have resorted to the solar energy as a means of obtaining it, mixing it with a Photocatalyst.

This product is placed in a container of titanium dioxide (semi-conductor materials) together with an unknown quantity ofethanol, being stimulated radiation of ultraviolet light (sunlight filtered) which begins to stimulate the mixture to produce hydrogen, which are later captured by nanoparticles of gold ions.

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