Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Green Cars

This car world is experiencing a surprising awareness of energy used in mobility, with the big companies looking for alternatives that produce lower emissions of CO2, and even using electric motors as a new high performance some of them matching the performance of an internal combustion engine.

Among the innovations that have been presented in the Hall of Los Angeles Auto, one of the ones we have drawn attention related to green cars, is the concept developed by the American firm Cadillac, one of the most classic of the United States.

The design, dubbed Cadillac Aera, as its name suggests, used as compressed air energy source, and although not explained too how it works your engine, have vowed to offer a range of about 1,000 miles (ie, about 1610 kilometers) which is what can go without requiring a recharge.

The charge stored in a small storage tank would be located where the fuel tank, and has a futuristic design by others, despite maintaining the traditional capacity of four occupants, for the nostalgic, use the same system for opening doors the legendary Lamborghini.