Sunday, November 27, 2011

Knob filter

There are different types of water filters that are used everyday in homes for the sake of improving the quality of drinking water that comes from the water network, which many times is often contain remains from substances or the process of purification, or those that are specific to the tributary of which was obtained prior to the treatment water.

There are filters that use mechanical principles, derived from the physical chemistry, others that Act separating substances by chemical reactions, the so-called Activated carbon which uses a micro-porous rock of carbon and others that simply used a combination of systems, although they often go online in a way parallel to the tap, and not direct.

That is why he considers as the filter for taps as a group apart, because that is a kind of cartridge that is inserted as a mouthpiece in the same or parallel to its mouth, using the previously mentioned and with varied technologies systems to carry drinking water to the highest possible quality.

The purpose of it depends on the type of filter that is used, so there are various costs and features, always thinking of versatility with its quick and easy disconnection also helps a lot when it comes to the maintenance and replacement.

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