Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Iron: the first 100% renewable world island

The residents of the small island of El Hierro (Canary Islands) will soon be able to live and work without having to exhaust non-renewable sources of energy, producing its own energy from renewable energy like wind, water, a dormant volcano and the Sun. The iron already has been declared Biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2000, and soon remove its footprint of carbon (44,000 barrels of oil per year).

The most innovative and technically difficult aspect would be the production of hydroelectric power generated by the pumping of water to a height of 2300 meters (the height of the volcano) to the crater of the dormant volcano. This water will be released through four hydroelectric turbines back into the original source, which is located near the coast.

Hydropower it will provide 11.3MW coupled with 11.5 MW of wind energy, covering 80 percent of the energy needed to supply 11,000 homes, three desalination plants, as well as the energy needs of the tourists who come to be 60,000 or more people. The remaining 20 percent will be for solar thermal and photovoltaic solar panels.

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