Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Machines hybrid

So many times I have talked about hybrid cars.. Since holes bring to a story on hybrid machines. It's a solution very beneficial for the heavy machinery - which has a high level of consumption of fossil fuels-applying similar technology the of other hybrid vehicles, with results of up to 50% of energy savings.

Researchers of Aalto University in Finland have experimented with internal combustion machines , turning them into hybrid vehicles by the addition of electric power transmission systems. They started from the basis that these machines - for the same work - produce an important power generation: either in the slowdown, or activities such as drilling, for example.

Then what they did was ensure that the energy generated by these activities is stored in a battery connected to the own vehicle. This stored energy is later used for the operation of the vehicle, reducing fuel use up to 50%. Also, unused stored energy can be transferred to the network and have an alternative use.
Source and image: ecofriend

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