Monday, November 21, 2011

Rechargeable batteries with spring

The constant use of different portable devices has as disadvantage the logical exhaustion of the rechargeable batteries given that autonomy, so often is necessary we look how long a full charge of acquiring one, either ease that possess the recharging time.

To solve two problems in one is that this auto-recargable battery, which can be extended almost eternal shaped autonomy of our devices, inspired by the operation of ancient clocks to rope that they decorate and adorn the walls of the houses has been presented with Japanese designers or some toys that using similar mechanism obtained their mobility (cars to friction, for example)

Its interior contains a spiral spring connecting to a mini-generador that begins to rotate generating energy to recharge the Nickel hydride metallic, material found in a lot of batteries and have the necessary electrical energy that our devices continue to function.

To sum up its operation, simply we must turn its mechanism in a time shift in order to compress the spring, which will launch its mechanism of clock which in turn starts to operate your generator.

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