Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Network load for cars in Houston

As many know, the future of automotive is focused towards the use of electric energy as a means of propulsion, whether the combination for a motor gasoline or diesel (hybrid cars) as well as the single use of a propulsion electric (electric cars)

Getting ready for what comes, in many cities that will load jobs, offering not only a parking but a connection to the electricity grid to recharge the batteries of our car, supplanting soon to what will be the service stations are dropping.

In the American metropolis of Houston was recently released network evGo, which offers various forms of subscription to have our private cargo network, under the command of the native New Jersey NRG Energy, company and one of the pioneers in the genre.

Initial services offered are:
$50 per month, a private cargo station $90 per month, access to a network of 50 stations, located in chains like Best Buy or Walgreens.

Future plans include more points of recharge, taking as a priority its installation in New York and Dallas.

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