Sunday, November 27, 2011

O2 Pursuit

Energy sources that has limited applications is compressed air, mostly known to propel projectiles, precisely, compressed air rifles, although in recent times it is seeking to use this way to take advantage of the air for other purposes, trying to renewable energy.

The news that has come the web in recent days is the presentation of the o2 pursuit, motorcycle using the same principles as these weapons using a carafe of compressed air for a small engine this motorcycle.
Does not have great autonomy, and it is mostly intended to be a vehicle that moved us from work to home, although it is not to belittle the idea of using compressed air on a motorcycle in recent times where seeks to implement clean energy regarding mobility.

The engine has been designed by signing EngineAir, from Melbourne, and whose model carries the designation Di pietro air engine, with the aforementioned container of easy removal for recharging, have the advantage of having a low weight, compared to an internal combustion engine that affects not only the maneuverability, but to adapt the bike to all types of terrain.

At the moment is not more than a prototype that will form the basis for a more developed model and that could well be part of roads in the morning, if the idea is feasible and is accompanied by a sustainable platform.

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