Monday, November 28, 2011

LifeBook Leaf laptop with solar energy

To further promote its acceptance and that is applied to a multitude of Gadgets, Energy photovoltaic technology in a course of necessary expansion, and on this occasion, is applied to a conceptual computer with solar energy that can be used everywhere with ease and extended autonomy.

It's the portable lifebook leaf, which uses a quite practical design, equipped with a touch screen OLED that can be used in Tablet PC mode or as if it were a Laptop (a concept which is being worked too much today)

In terms of connectivity, it would employ a support for 4 G networks, and would include a small panel OLED for basic functions, and notify the arrival of a new message when the computer is closed, or while it is recharging.

But the important thing about this team is that in all its casing is a photovoltaic solar panel that will allow recharging your batteries during its use as when is just in hibernation mode, expanding their autonomy to a previously unattainable level.

The application of clean energy and technology continues its evolutionary course, with concepts and prototypes of the most innovative.

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