Monday, November 7, 2011

The environment

It is the axis of life, our life, and the development of various activities which they are not just ecological but also lag in the economic order, as modifications to its components derive from losses affecting altogether throughout the rest.

In the environment we can consider two fundamental types of components which interact among themselves as they are in direct contact, and both modify among themselves their behaviours according to symbiotic variations, to know:

Factors Bi√≥ticos: comprises all living things, both the plant and animals (and humans), which is why merely deal with living organisms. 

Abióticos factors: they are the substrate, sustenance or support of the Alive beings, which include the basic part of their ecosystem, and the area where they develop, feed and reproduce. It then includes the air, water, land and atmosphere, latter being necessary for the development and persistence of life.

Just to speak of the existence of life, we refer to our planet I differentiate components also act together, and that also make up the environment, the following:

Biosphere: Whereas all living beings lithosphere: is considered to the surface and solid layer of the Earth hydrosphere: any body of water regardless of its length, formed by seas, lakes and rivers atmosphere: gaseous layer that surrounds the Earth and largely responsible for the existence of life on the planet.

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