Sunday, November 13, 2011

IKEA charging stations

The electric car market soon is a notable expansion, as planned by the major manufacturers in the world of the engine by the 2012, and this leads to the establishment of charging stations, and peripheral technologies to do so (such as GPS TomTom Navigator presented above, to provide a sustainable platform for the use of these vehicles.)

On this occasion, we have the example of the firm, IKEA, known for providing electrical appliances for the home that offer a very low power consumption and high performance, which has decided to make a strong investment for the platform of car is comes next year, turning in lathe their electricity supply so that they work.

The first step to take is the installation of charging stations present in the 10 most important stores of the United States, being one of the first steps of the project called ECOtality, which seeks to integrate electric cars with the most visited shopping malls.

The operation of the engines and the autonomies, a survey of data of yields of car batteries, is will be getting in addition to the operation of these centers of cargo, to seek to contribute to the development of new technologies to obtain a better overall performance.

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