Sunday, August 12, 2012

Solar Energy for the Survival Market

Paralyzing Blackouts Can Last Weeks...
Even MONTHS After a Catastrophic Event!

And while there are ways to ensure your family won't sit in the dark like the rest of your neighborhood (I'm going to show you my personal favorite method for this in a moment)... 

... there's very little you can do to actually prevent these nasty power failures.
Because when a hurricane or a massive earthquake shatters power plants and collapses miles of power lines... all you can do is sit and watch. 

If you’re lucky, the power gets restored in a few hours. But the more serious the disaster... the more likely it is you’ll be in the dark for weeks... even months. 

It’s happened before – with hurricane Katrina, or with the recent earthquakes in Japan. With many of the Japanese power plants in rubble, people were told they’ll be experiencing "controlled blackouts" for up to 3 months in a row! 

This is serious stuff. A lot more serious that not having TV or your XBOX console for a few months. Because when the lights go out... things get VERY serious, very fast:
  • You can’t cook, boil water or store food in a freezer... so it’s beans, rice and canned beef for a month (or government “instant meals” if you’re lucky!)
  • You can’t use any power tools to rebuild your home faster... and if the damage is extensive, you’ll need to consider your alternatives (like... living in tents, or in “emergency homes”... while your home is unprotected from thieves and looters!)
  • You can’t keep a light on, can’t listen to emergency news broadcasts, can’t charge batteries, and plenty more! (Luckily, there’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to power up all your essential devices seconds after disaster... and I'm going to give you all the juicy details here)
Fact is, electricity is so important to having a normal life... you don’t really understand how much you need it until you lose it!