Thursday, August 23, 2012

Endesa and Peugeot Allies for Electric Mobility

PEUGEOT LOGOEndesa and Peugeot have signed an agreement in Madrid that merges them into an Alliance that is aimed at the further development of electric mobility as well as energy savings. New merger between Peugeot and Endesa has been signed in Madrid by Javier Uriarte, director general of Endesa energy and by Rafael Prieto Martin, Deputy Chief Executive, Peugeot Spain. This new Alliance of the two leading companies in Spain and in the world aims to achieve greater development of electric mobility and course, to achieve a higher energy saving, contribute to the environment.

The Importance of Using Electric Cars

We therefore believe that this new merger benefit both the manufacturer Peugeot to Endesa, as well as drivers and the planet as it will be an excellent way to cooperate to avoid contamination. Based on this partnership, both Peugeot and Endesa aim to put in place all activities related to the mobility of electric cars or other vehicles.

Furthermore, Peugeot would provide electric cars to the fleet of Endesa, and on the other hand, Endesa shall identify infrastructure charging that the company could install to installations of Peugeot. Of course, all this thinking of the benefit for consumers as well as also on the benefit that involves helping to raise awareness of the use of renewable energy and clean energy.