Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nissan Eco Carrier

This creation is the responsibility of the company Nissan, which clearly is having a strong commitment to the environment with the Nissan Leaf marketing and integration of clean energy to its factories, and now to a means of transport will also help reduce costs .

This is the Nissan Eco Carrier, a large vessel which has on its cover with an installation of photovoltaic solar panels that not only is responsible for providing electricity for lighting (provided by LEDs, low power consumption) but also its mobility.

Thus Nichioh named Maru, became the first transport ship that would be moved by the energy from the sun, thanks to its 281 either from solar panels and eliminating the need for a diesel engine.

The use of this technology represents a significant cost savings, estimated at up to 1,400 tons of fuel, resulting in fewer tailpipe emissions, considering a total of 4,200 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

It became operational on 27 January, 1380 a car carrying locally so far, being a tool that will last for a long time and make a contribution to protecting the environment.