Thursday, August 9, 2012

Research and Documentary "Messages in Water"

For those who do not know to Masaru Emoto, prior research, I will say that is a Doctor of Alternative Medicine by the Open International University and currently is president of the IHM Research Institute.

Masaru Emoto has recently been in Madrid to present his latest research that has resulted in the documentary "Messages in Water". In this documentary shows the different crystals that have water as has been manipulated or not, getting truly different crystals you can see a sample image presentamos. 

To do this research he has drawn water from different parts of Spain with appropriate handling. As you see in the picture, water is taken from an industrial area or near the city of water drawn directly from nature or more specifically, the spring of Ortigosa del Monte, in the Sierra de Guadarrama.Uno of the interesting aspects is we can see how this is handled crystallization water was Bezoya What is your opinion on its crystallization? For those who want to see the whole process you can see it in the documentary.

One of the conclusions of Masaru Emoto about this research is that "water and nature help each other. Therefore, if the nature is beautiful, the water will be, and vice versa "This beauty can be seen through the crystallization obtained in the same way that we can see the memories of the water.

A then we leave the trailer of the documentary so that we may tell what you think about it:

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