Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eco Friendly Rickshaw coined as Eclipse

With the increasing congestion on roads and the resulting carbon footprint, we need next generation vehicles which are environment friendly too. Usage of ecofriendly materials like recyclable polyethylene can help in production of environment friendly automobiles. One such invention of a pedicab is being coined as Eclipse. This has been a great hit on streets of New York to the lanes of Shanghai.

Rickshaw is the primary mode of transportation in many South American and Asian countries. And this also makes it the source of livelihood for many people in these countries. Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue, he is the mastermind behind this high tech version of three wheeler. This vehicle makes its brand owners the trend setters as this is the future.

The innovative three wheeler is made of aluminum and recyclable polyethylene woven together to give it the requisite shape. It has a light weight structure with a curvy top woven in an insulated fabric. What’s more, adding to its green attribute hand stitched weather proof vinyl is used to create comfortable seating arrangements, combined with handlebars and headrests.

Other user friendly and attractive features include bewildering indulgences like a cup holder on either sides or an Ipod docking station, a cooling fan along with cool set of speakers to keep your spirits high at all times and fully closable panels on all side. With elegance taking over Cobonpue’s design, it gives a clean green alternative to its modern day counterparts.

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