Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The First Solar-Geothermal Hybrid Plant in the World Begins to Work in Nevada

Enel Green Power (EGP), a subsidiary of the renowned Italian company, will take over this combination of solar and geothermal in the first hybrid plant in the world.  

The first geothermal power plant and solar is from May in Fallon, Nevada, and is a project that uses the latest technologies to combine solar energy installation and provide 59 MW of combined capacity to power more than 50,000 homes.

 Although he has completed a few months, will now that hybrid technology is launched.

The combined energies will be offset their weaknesses. Solar power only works when there is sun, while geothermal energy is independent of time of day or weather. In 2011 solar energy has grown by 54% to 28 gigawatts

 In addition, solar energy produced at times of increased consumption (when people are awake) but leaves supply the night hours or cloudy days, so the combination of geothermal energy is always interesting as well, its initial cost is considerably less.

Nevada intends to reach 25% of renewable power generation in 2025 and in fact, northern Nevada and is in 24%, while the national average remains at 13%.

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