Saturday, August 4, 2012

Exhibition "The TR3S R"

Do you know how much waste a single person generates per year? In Cosmo Caixa offers us this fact: "every citizen produces more than 500 kg of waste per year, which is why a city of 1,000,000 inhabitants have to manage each year a whopping 500 million kg".

The reality is that increasingly more people sensitized with the environment and decide to contribute your bit by recycling, but we still have much more to do on this issue.
Despite our goodwill for recycling, on many occasions, is not yet known to adequately discriminate waste ranging in a particular container or elsewhere.

Through this exhibition we will see the importance of know correctly distribute waste because you can see the transformation to recycled products.

It is also a way to invite the use of recycled materials, because these elements are again new and are fully recommended for use.

Personally, I see it not only as an opportunity for elders, so let's move on becoming aware and we approach the consumerist reality in which we find ourselves, but is also a way in which children begin to become familiar with recycling and products that can be obtained from the waste.

In the exhibition "the TR3S R" you will see the recycling of all materials: glass, copper, organic matter, packaging and paper.

If you have opportunity to do not hesitate to come to the exhibition from Tuesday to Sunday and bank holidays Monday, from 10 to 20 h. an activity completely free.
Make recycling a part of your life.