Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The WHILL Attachment Turns Wheelchair into Electric Vehicle

Generally wheelchair users do not need electric wheelchairs. However, if one needs to cover long distances or move alone at home, the thought of due to an electric wheelchair must have arrived in their minds.

 However, one does not need to go to buy a fully-equipped wheelchair electric, all thanks to technology WHILL, which has made possible a regular wheelchair, operate as an electric wheelchair, as and when the need arises.

Tokyo Motor Show recently showed a prototype of WHILL technology. The WHILL can be clamped to any existing wheelchair and the wheelchair provides electrical unit.

The concept of technology WHILL is simple. Two circular hub attached to wheelchair wheel outdoor centre. The centres are connected through the curves control section and it is bridge over the waist of the person with the same. Manual adjustment of the angle of that section can be made by the user. Hubs can also block the wheels.

The hub is powered by a lithium-ion battery and each of the hub contains 24 volt motor.
The lithium ion battery help wheelchair rotate and move, helping them to achieve a maximum speed of twenty miles per hour. Battery charge time is two hours under normal circumstances of work and it can run for a distance of 30 km at a stretch.

You can adjust the speed of rotation of the wheels, according to individual needs. Field trials are underway and soon this innovative product that promises to make the lives of people who, because of his physical deformities, will hit the market.

An innovation, in fact WHILL technology promises to revolutionize the world of people with disabilities.