Friday, August 24, 2012

CSR Researchers Work on a High-Speed Carbon-Neutral Locomotive

Is there really any significance for the early steam-powered locomotive in the modern rail industry? Well, the coal-devouring ancient steam locomotive, which was first built in 1937, might be worthless in the modern day. But the Locomotive 3463, which is under development of the U.S. Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR), enjoys a huge prominence in the new era. This locomotive is a high-speed engine with the much-coveted carbon-neutral credential. Instead of the depleting coal, the locomotive consumes bio-coal.

As hyped by the CSR, which is an association of the non-profit Sustainable Rail International (SRI) and the Institute on the Environment of the Minnesota University, it is the first carbon-neutral locomotive. Indeed, it is an attempt to develop trains that can run with zero carbon emission. It is time we should want a return to the old technology of steam engine with bio fuels to achieve the goal, which will only keep up the ecological balance of nature.

The CSR team has been working on the locomotive, called the Project 130 for some time around. Its major aim is to create the world’s most cleanest and powerful passenger locomotive. Of course, the researchers have made a huge advance reworking the Locomotive 3463, which the Great Overland Station Museum donated to them. They have certainly achieved the expected speed target of 130mph with this locomotive that consumes eco-friendly bio-coal.

The high speed green locomotive features no heavy metals and it discharges less ash, off-gases and smoke. According to Rod Larkins of the Minnesota University, the carbon-neutral locomotive will herald the beginning for a technology that will reduce the country’s huge dependence on fossil fuels.