Monday, August 6, 2012

Aerografito The Lightest Material in the World

 German scientists from the Universities of Hamburg and Kiel have created the material, the lightest in the world. One cubic centimeter of aerografito weighs only 0.2 milligrams. This is 5000 times less dense than water and 6 times lighter than air and 75 times lighter than polystyrene foam. However it is very resistant supports up to 40,000 times its weight. It has been disclosed in the journal Advanced Materials.Este mesh material consists of a carbon tube of about 15nm in diameter. These microtubules are interwoven at the micro and nano metric. Due to the lesser curvature and wall thickness greater differ from graphenes, and resemble aerografito vítreo.

El carbon black in color and resembles classical aerogels in many respects are actually similar except that the manufacturing process of aerografito is not conventional. It is ductile, good electrical conductor, it can withstand the high compression and tension loads. The Aerografito can be compressed to 30% of original size greater strength and conductivity obtained in this process. Again, you may return to its size without receiving any damage to its structure.
Rainer Adelung professor at the University of Kiel on aerografito says: It's like a network of ivy that wraps around a tree, then remove the tree. The "trees" in this case were crystals of zinc oxide, the cueles have the form of four sides. The crystals are placed in an oven and coated with a layer of carbon by chemical vapor deposition. While hydrogen gas is added to the furnace. This carries the oxygen away from the zinc oxide. The zinc falls then to the farm from the oven, leaving only the outer shell of carbon. The three possible options aerografito.Hay far: 1 - laptop batteries due to its lightness and its relatively large surface area. The aerografito could allow the creation of much lighter batteries lithium ion battery and super-condensadores.2 nonconductive objects such as plastics which, when covered with this material to make drivers but without

increase peso.3-carbon and is used to filter water, aerografito could excel in the water as it is 5000 times less dense. Scientists report that during the forming process is disturbed aerografito if the oven temperature, or the rate at which hydrogen is added aerografito structure also changes. That is, maybe you can adapt to as the co Mecklenbrug uso.Matthias and students of the TUHH

     Our work is causing much discussion among the scientific community. Aerografito weight is four times less than other material that was the world record for being the lightest. This other material is a nickel material which is also constructed with tiny micro tubes. The main difference is that nickel has a greater atomic mass than carbon.